VPN and security

How to setup a VPN server to safeguard your Internet connection

VPN and security

The most normal and fast to start to enjoy the advantages of VPN connections is registered in one of the many companies that offer VPN services. Pay a fee monthly that can go from a couple of euros until more than 10 euros and get them credentials to start session in its service and frequently a customer VPN official own that you facilitates much them things.

However, if like a control total and absolute of your connection or not you trust of anyone, can follow the philosophy of “If like something well made, you must do it you itself”. The problem with this is that it is rare that you have access to a PC in another country with which you can enjoy some of the advantages that we mentioned before (to avoid censorship, geographical blocks).

There are some exceptions, as them trota-mundos that travel frequently e installing a VPN in your PC in House are can continue accessing to their files beyond where are, enjoying also of them services that only were available in their country, as can be Netflix or Spotify.

If want to create your own server VPN, both if is in a PC yours with Windows as in a server remote under your control, OpenVPN is probably your best option. You can download it from here, although are warned in advance that install a server VPN not is so simple as press Next.

How to connect to a VPN server

Today all operating system more or less current version allows you to connect to a VPN connection without installing anything extra. All you’ll need are the VPN provider access data (or your company, if it is the case), such as the address of the server, the type of VPN and your user credentials.

On Windows it is possible to connect to a VPN network without installing anything extra from back in Windows XP, but support for the different types of encryption is most basic how much older your version of Windows.

Android also has its own VPN client, although mode for access may vary slightly depending on the version of Android you have installed and modifications in the menus that your manufacturer has done. Generally, you will find it here.


Before joining older vicissitudes, must comment that VPN responds to the acronym Virtual Private Network, a denomination that already a priori allows us to make us a small idea of what it is: a virtual private capable of connecting multiple devices as if they were physically in the same place, emulating local network connections. Virtual, because it connects two physical networks; and private, because only computers that are part of a local one of the sides of the VPN network can access.


To connect to a VPN, we will do this using a sort of tunnel, a word that is used to indicate that data are encrypted at all times, since they enter until they leave the VPN, and that it takes place through different protocols that protect them. However, there is an exception with the PPTP – used a combination of insecure algorithms such as MS-CHAP v1/2.

Which will cause our system to try to visit a page is to encapsulate the request and send it over the Internet to our VPN provider. This desencapsulará them doing to follow its usual course: they will come by your network router and, subsequently, the packet will be forwarded.

Instagram tricks to get followers

Some good tips for you to get more Instagram Followers

Instagram tricks to get followers

The publication of random images on your account will not make you have more success than playing a random post. You need to create a content marketing strategy that defines what you want to achieve and what you need to do to get there. Then, do this one thing. Make your plan something interesting; something you can visually share. Make Instagram part of your daily routine so that you are creating and posting content consistently. Consistency will promote continuous involvement and sharing, which will lead to more sales over time.

You don’t need an expensive camera or a professional photographer to take good pictures. You need to keep in mind that the image quality is an important element. If you can’t have pictures of good quality, then have someone to take pictures for you or browse some photography tips to develop your skills. You are not sure what kind of high quality photos start sharing? Take a look at your competitors, as well as other successful Instagram users to see what works for them. You can get good insights in this way.

There are some legit websites that sell Instagram followers by the thousands

Like any social platform, you don’t want the Instagram is a single communication channel. It is not enough just to respond on their own images. Reach out to others through likes and comments within your industry, especially if they’re talking about you. Know your competitors and start acompahar people who follow them, get involved with them and click the following button. Richard Lazazzera followed 100 of its competitors, and then cutiu and commented on your posts. In doing so, he gained a 34% rate of followers back.

You can also generate content to boost the involvement of the community, such as the creation of competitions on Instagram, contests and other promotions. As you build this community, be sure to share pictures that allow their followers to see behind the scenes. Share photos of your employees, of their facilities, their work routine, manufacturing practices and operations. Showing the personality and people behind a trademark can help make a human connection with their audience, and people are more likely to do business with a company in which feel connected on a personal level.

There are now more than 200,000 advertisers on Instagram and you can join the group easily. With the acquisition of Instagram for Facebook you can access the ads of Instagram and promote content through the Facebook Ad creation tool. It’s not just a tool to promote images. You can target specific actions with Instagram ads, including: click for website mobile Engagement Engagement Website conversions of posting video previews and more like any other type of advertising you need to experiment to see what works best, so try different combinations of image and text. Pay attention to what combinations work best, then fold their efforts in these combinations while ends with the campaigns without result.

Seguidores Instagram

Alguns dos métodos gratuitos de conseguir muitos seguidores para as suas contas de Instagram

Seguidores Instagram

Faz mais de uma semana que Instagram lançou histórias, uma característica clonada do Snapchat que permite as pessoas a fazer upload de fotos e vídeos que expiram após 24 horas.

Uma coisa que eu notei: há muito mais vídeo no app. E o vídeo que eu vejo é diferente — não quase tão polido como o vídeo que eu costumava ver dentro Instagram, a maioria dos quais vieram de contas marca ou celebridade. Graças a validade temporária, estou vendo o mesmo tipo de vídeo espontâneo no Instagram que eu costumo ficar dentro Snapchat, completa com lotes de texto sobreposto e alguns desenhos terríveis emojis.

Instagram sempre foi uma plataforma de foto-dominante. Está enrolada em uma tentativa de conduzir mais interesse em vídeo, incluindo a promoção de vídeo mais fortemente em sua seção de Discover, uma série de atualizações nos últimos seis meses. Mas vamos chamar uma pá uma pá. Instagram foi sempre para fotos e vídeos normalmente foram para outro lugar, como o Facebook ou o YouTube ou mesmo Musical.ly.

Histórias que mudou. Estimo que minha alimentação normal do Instagram é fotos de 90 por cento, 10 por cento de vídeo. Mas o que vi do Instagram histórias aproxima-se de uma divisão de 50-50 (que é ainda não como vídeo-pesados como produto de histórias do Snapchat) comprar seguidores brasileiros para instagram. Por isso espero Instagram obterá ainda mais vídeo-pesado ao longo do tempo.

Estratégias de marketing para aumentar o seu número de followers

Acho que isso é importante para a propriedade do Facebook Instagram? Aqui é o CEO do Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg na última chamada de lucros da empresa.

Então, sim, Instagram se preocupa muito com o vídeo, e ter uma das características as mais populares do Snapchat que é também muito video friendly não parece nenhuma coincidência.

Para além de quaisquer ganhos no noivado do usuário e partilha, mais vídeos também podem levar a mais anúncios em vídeo, geralmente uma forma mais lucrativa de publicidade do que os tradicionais anúncios gráficos. (Ainda existem bilhões de dólares de anúncio de TV que ainda tenham que encontrar seu caminho para as plataformas digitais.) E a maneira como funciona histórias — um feed linear em que cada transições de vídeo e foto automaticamente para o próximo — torna um lugar perfeito para autoplay, anúncios de vídeo tela cheia, que Snapchat já descobriu. A grande, autoplay vídeo (com som!) dentro de histórias não parece fora de lugar da maneira que faz em uma rolagem vertical alimentação cheia de fotos.

(Instagram não é nesta abordagem anúncios de vídeo ainda, mas parece seguro dizer que será um dia).

Instagram não dirá se o novo recurso de histórias tem conduzido a um aumento maciço na partilha de vídeo e não compartilha estatísticas sobre a porcentagem de vídeo posts em sua ração padrão. A empresa diz que as pessoas viram-se 150 por cento mais de vídeo nos últimos seis meses, mas que o número era de antes das histórias que lançou. (Também é muito cedo para saber a popularidade de longo prazo ou conteúdo mix de histórias).

Também não sabemos quantas pessoas estão dando histórias uma tentativa. Vejo três vezes tantas pessoas postar Snapchat histórias todos os dias, mas é ainda muito cedo para Instagram. Se descobrir histórias, trará Instagram para a era de vídeo móvel-nativo, também.